Aggelika Diplari










Wood, agentium silver, pigments, stainless steel, varnish.



Woods of crystallized Time …

I collect drift wood fallen on the ground, 
I place it on the table and 
I observe its organic materiality and its unique diachronic and multifaceted material narratives.

Through my alterations and illustrations, I explore my need to continue their complex stories, reinvent and awaken history. I attempt to simulate life covering its absence. I try to cancel the warped weight of time through crystallizing the wood’s surface thus, time’s flow; which manifests on the object. The need to converse time urges and inspires me to observe time’s effects on the material itself, its color and its intricate, aged shape. By reflecting upon the feelings of the present, I try to discover, imagine and portray the unknown effects on the experiences of tomorrow.