Aggelika Diplari – Athens Jewelry Week

Aggelika Diplari

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Köp Cialis på nätet Gävle, Sverige  

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click here LOSS [IN A POSITIVE WAY]. Brooch.
Wood, agentium silver,acrylics, stainless steel.


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I process elements of the female inner world, the nature of womanhood. Τhe female universe… pulsating, moving.

I process my experiential senses, the losses of my life in a positive way… with calmness and serenity.

My soul evolves… processing images, feelings and thoughts. I try to bond them together, to give them life, give them form… using curves… symbols of femininity… Female nature embraces and transforms everything into curves.  

Wood… Nature is always present. Metal structures like ladders… Inner processes can be painful.

Wholes floating in the air – Ancient Greeks’ “ether”… Wholes floating in the realms of imagination… Decomposed and recomposed into new, unexpected transfigurations…

Catharsis….Light… Truth.