Angelos Konstantakatos







Fruit – Carpus, resin, colour, oxidised silver



Invisible perspectives…
Le Volti Invisibili…

“Hell for people is not something about the future, if there is a hell,
it is what is already here, we live it every day, we form it with our co-existence.
Two ways exist not to suffer.
The first way is easy for many: accept the hell and become part of it,
until they can’t see it anymore.
The second way is risky and demands constant attention and willingness to learn:
trying to recognise who and what is hell while living in hell,
and to give time and space to such questions …
Our mood changes the way that we perceive things.
And thus, we all can see the same reality differently,
or with our newly discovered perspective,
we can view that which that we had not seen previously.
Our world is never boring …”

Calvino, “Le Città Invisibili”, 1972