AJW 2020 Application Form For Schools

All information submitted must be true, unedited and up to date. (The work must have been produced during the last couple of years and it should not have been exhibited before in Greece). Application forms must be received by January 6th, 2020. No entries past the deadline will be accepted.

  • Proposal / description of particular project intended to be shown during AJW 2020 (140 words max)
  • Artist Name  
    There are no Student Artists.

    Maximum number of student artists reached.

    3 Photos, representative each artist’s work, concerning one collection. Each photo should show only one piece, photographed on white background. Dimensions: 10x15cm. Minimum resolution: 300 dpi. Format: JPG, JPEG. Each photo should be named as follows: Artist Name_Description_Title.jpg (JohnSmith_Brooch_UnderTheSkin.jpg)
  • 0,00 €
    The application process has a fee of 35 euros. You will be redirected on submitting the form to paypal to make the payment.