Anamma Studio


Music sets the rhythm and vinyl becomes the material; or the other way round. Music becomes the material and vinyl sets the rhythm for 17 improvisations on contemporary jewelry; tango-like brooches, rock-inspired necklaces, electro-bracelets. Tap your foot to the beat, prick up your ears and take a look on what’s happening when sound becomes the reason and starting point of inspiration. Seventeen creators and 17 music tracks “playing loud” in an exhibition that won’t leave anyone at peace: Pump Up The Volume.

Participants: Jenny Antonopoulou, Maro Vasileiadou, Ariadni Gaitani, Ioanna Grigoriou, Ioanna Dimitrakopoulou, Roula Kallinikou, Maria Koutmani, Angelos Konstantakatos, Angeliki Madi, Sevi Mavrelou, Mary-Zoe Moustakoudi, Elli Xippa, Yakinthi Oikonomou, Elena Pappa, Anna Pervolaraki, Penny Stroumbou, Chrisa Hatzikonstantinidou

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Elli Xippa


Vinyl PVC, vinyl fabric, silver, alpaca.
(photo Orestis Rovakis)



Anamma is a contemporary jewelry workshop addressed to both amateurs and professionals who want to learn and develop the art of jewelry. Its history starts in October 2011 driven by the initiative of Anastasia Kandaraki. Its goal is to preserve the valuable jewelry making tradition, but at the same time give a new perspective to jewelry as a means of expression through contemporary techniques and approaches. Apart from offering standard jewelry seminars, anamma also organizes intensive courses focusing both on technique and concept by inviting distinguished artists from Greece and abroad.