Anastasia Gemeliari





Necklace #1
Porcelain, coloured powder (stain), copper, ruthenium plating, rubber



Jewelry reflects the mood, the character of the creator, but above all, reflects the attitude of life and the feelings of the person wearing it. I mainly work with porcelain, combining it with various materials, depending on my concept and the result I want each time. In “That Yellow …” collection, porcelain painted on its full body, is combined with metal. “That Yellow …” is the first part of a trilogy based on the film noir and specifically on the comic “Sin City”. The purpose of this work is to emphasise the difference between “good” and “evil”, that exists at the same time in human nature. Beside the corruption of the soul, hypocrisy, desolation and even the sick nature of a man, sometimes we can see the purest, the most innocent feelings that the same person has, with the need to share them generously. Three parallel “jewelry” stories are evolving based on the heroes of Sin City, their feelings and the minimum colour bursts of the film noir. Following “That Yellow …” are the collections “The middle part of a trilogy” and “Bloody white”.