Angela Malhües










Copper, leather, silver, vitreous enamels, textile, threads


 cubase software price “The faces of Violeta”. The project is inspired by the graphic work of the Chilean singer and composer Violeta Parra for the celebration of her centenary.

The collection is inspired by the graphic character of the plastic work of Violeta Parra, like her embroidered burlap and her oil paintings. Each piece of jewelry represents one aspect of one’s life.

My intention in this work is to delve into the vision of the “other” – public observer, lover, friend – a peculiar visual that shows the viewer’s eye.

I also wanted to express an image of ingenuity and innocence (through colors and shapes). Set with enameled textures, overlapping sheets and the transfer of light in material such as alabaster. That incites the touch and thus provokes the relationship with the observer.

I have used re-used materials such as copper, alabaster and leather, silver and vitreous enamels.