Angelica Komis




Necklace (in three pieces)
Silver, plexiglas, stainless steel, gold, pearls.

Pair of bracelets-handcuffs.
Gold plated bronze.

Brooch (belt like).
Gold plated bronze, plexiglas, stainless steel, fabrics.


Three short idiom -phrases of an existent dialogue which they convert into wearable art-pieces.

The work presents three stages of an emotional alteration during a six year period, beginning with an exhortation: “so be it”, then an answer to it: “as it is” and later on conclusion: “it is so”. The main idea of these works is that words and incitements may seem flexible or provocative but they are not implemented due to weakness or shortage. However they end up in a rewarding which is, perhaps, fraudulent.

Emotionally burdened, these series of work virtualises, through the materials, a personal experience into an artwork, which is complete not only by placing them on the human body but within a proper installation.