Angelos Konstantakatos






Seaweed (Pocidonia Oceanica), flax, resin, colour, oxidised silver


Shining sun… Hot sand… Enchanting sea…

In the depths of the horizon lies a line that separates while joins the endless blue of the sea and the infinity of the sky; the present with eternity… Where the mind is empty and the soul is calm… What an inspiration the creator of this harmony had!

I wonder… How can an idea be born when your mind is empty and feelings are flowing? How do you create this spark that rips absolute darkness? And how is it possible that this spark floods you in a way that nothing else fits anymore?

Then your mind is filled with ideas! Small ideas, big ideas… Ideas evolving, ideas crystallised… Ideas that characterise your work at first and then yourself!!

Lost in my thoughts, I wiggled my legs to stretch and I accidently kicked seaweed… Pocidonia Oceanica… Inspiration!