Angelos Konstantakatos

Differences - 300dpi - Angelos Konstantakatos






Mushroom, oxidised silver, resins, colour.


Sometimes in life you wonder…is what I see the obvious?
Can I intervene / change something that is theoretically outside of my influence? Can I redefine the ordinary to be unique, the paltry to be precious, the volatile to be constant, the transient to be permanent?
It happened once that I had in front of me a mushroom; something that is born, lives and dies. I decided to get involved and intervene in this process… To go beyond the physical paths of its life, together with my own. To transform the mushroom… A need to evolve it into a new “creation”. A “creation” which, as a distillate of experiences, ideas and energy, can adorn different communication flows, different sentiment flows… Flows blended and intersected with my hands, my tools and my mind… A “creation” originally asked to adorn thoughts, needs, visions, to eventually enrich experiences.