Cedric Chevalley






Up-cycled wood of skateboards decks, rubber, steel, magnet


Above all concepts, what I want to tell with Upcycling, is that things can be broken, dirty or in-appropriate for use any longer, but we can do something new with them. We can keep their best features and bring them on the foreground, in order to give them a new life as pieces of Art.
In a similar way, we, human beings, during life we fail, feel dull, get broken. However we just have to decide that tomorrow is a white page. We can start every day with a new self, bright and shinning. Skateboarding is real fun; a freedom that we can enjoy every single day. It’s also learning to stand and rise above fear and barriers. It’s about a lot of fails and trials again and again… No fear, no pain, no gain… Skateboarding is about life lessons, actually!