Chalkis Art School buy cheap - Practical Photoshop Selections “ Chalkis – Memory Imprints ” 

(The sense of absence and the presence of memory. An exhibition on jewellery, without jewellery.)

The “Eric Roberts Jewellery School” of the “Chalkis Art School” is participating in the 2016 Athens Jewellery Week with a non-classical approach. The focus is on the procedure, on the presentation of the journey from the idea, memories and emotions to the elements of display and the final composition.

We are interested in the world that lies behind the implementation of forms, the environment in which the idea develops, how this idea is shaped through the study of materials which are transformed, thus reaching the completion of the form; the final piece of jewellery.

This project derived from the city of today’s Chalkis and the fact that it is slowly losing the traces of its past. The past is still present in the memories of the people, but at the same time there is pain at the indifference to the loss of collective memory and values. Questions and thoughts are imprinted in matter, models, texts on the subject and photos. These elements give the opportunity to start up a conversation and exchange opinions, aiming at public awareness on the issues of history, memory, culture and identity.

Study for Jewellry week presentationL


Chalkis Art school was founded in 1978 by mayor Ioannis Spanos and painters Chariklia and Dimitris Mytaras. It was one of the first art schools to be established in Greece and instigated the creation and foundation of other such schools in other municipalities of Greece.

Adding to the established annual student exhibition, the art school takes part in important exhibitions in many cities of Greece, as well as abroad.

The “Eric Roberts Jewellery School” of “Chalkis Art School”, came to be in 2000 after having received the following precious donation. The largest part of the workshop equipment is a result of the contribution of the wife of renowned jewellery designer Eric Robbert who loved Chalkida and the work of the art school; preserving and expanding cultural heritage.

The aim of “Eric Roberts Jewellery School” is to establish a creative contemporary jewellery hub in Chalkida, where imagination, artistic techniques and pursuits of people wanting to take a creative direction in their lives, are given prominence to.

“Eric Roberts Jewellery School” exhibits its work every two years in Chalkida as well as in galleries in Athens.Εργαστηρι-Τεχνης-Χαλκιδας-360425337376217/