Cluster – Athens Jewelry Week


Agglopoulou Anastasia_Just woke up_72



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JUST WOKE UP. “Beginning, anger, urge, flow” Collection.

Aluminium, melted, oxidised.


Yakinthi Oikonomou_ «Diamond»_ 300




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DIAMOND. “Black Sparkle” Collection.

Charcoal, silver, resin, alpaca, mixed media.



HaraKourtali_EasternStar_300 Hara Kourtali

EASTERN STAR. “Mare Nostrum” Collection.




Hidden wor(l)ds. Three women contemporary jewelry artists,  form the group “Cluster” and tell three different stories.

Anastasia’s imaginary, hidden world of the gutters, that woke up one night while the city was sleeping; Hara’s Mediterranean Polis that is washed not by a single, but by many seas; Yakinthi’s invisible world of contrasts with its  brightest and darkest fragments.

Three hidden worlds and their stories, are waiting to be read