Constantinos Papadoukas











Ring / Pendant
Silver 925, gold 14K, beech, oak.






Rebirth is a wearable art collection that draws inspiration from the primitive concepts of Constructivism and artists such as Vladmir Tatlin and Gustav Klutsis. The main material of the collection is wood, which has been used according to its structural characteristics, shaping the form of each piece. Therefore, the textural and tactile qualities of wood are of great importance, as is its relationship with metal and colour. Silver is used to depict contrasting forms, both fluid and organic. Conceptually, wood symbolises the “dead” tree preserving its aesthetic qualities intact, while the cold metal creates an image of the tree in its original form. The juxtaposition of materials and contrast of imagery is further enhanced by the wearer’s ability to animate the static form. The inanimate synthesis is metaphorically brought back to life through human motion – a Rebirth.