Corrina Goutos / Jordi Aparicio Manchado – Athens Jewelry Week

Corrina Goutos / Jordi Aparicio Manchado

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Finpecia cost in india Corrina Goutos

Paper jewelry piece recycled from paper waste, using resin and found organic materials.















buy celebrex 200mg Jordi Aparicio Manchando

Experimental fabrication using 0.08 silver wire, and wooden ‘souls’ that are burned away in the process.






The promise, the leap of faith, the ultimate commitment- abstract ideas enforced by a symbol of infinity- the ring. This historical craft adaptation is meant to aid two finite beings in comprehending their in- finite commitment to one another. “Who Can Promise Forever?” is an exhibition of two artists who have never met, who will cross paths in a pinnacle time in their lives, where the concept of “Forever” is being scrutinised, celebrated, digested and redefined. Given the esoteric nature of the artists, both Jordi Aparicio Manchado and Corrina Goutos have always found themselves fixated by the element of “soul” which influences their studio practice. Should jewelry remain an aid in our comprehension of intangible thoughts, than contemporary jewelry has hurdles to conquer in a world of fluctuating forever ties. Witness loves influx on the wearables, products of security and optimism, apprehension and fragility.