Dania Chelminsky






Heirloom Seed #6

Kozo fibres and cotton fibres, iron wire, stainless steel




In my work I use contrasting materials in order to create touching points, moments of tension, a possible connotation and meaning that tells a story. This collection consists of a series of paper seed-shaped dimensional forms, enlarged, destabilised, stained, like hollow shells or sterile seeds; a metaphor for human interference with nature. Genetic engineering conducted on seeds leads to the extinction of ancient genetic information in industrialised seeds, unlike Heirloom Seeds, which keep a long history of agricultural culture. I worked with traditional and manual techniques of paper making, using natural Kozo fibres and incorporating iron wires into the wet paper. I lost control of the possible occurrence of rust stains. I let the process be as free as possible, only to find out the results of a random moment.