Demitra Thomloudis – Athens Jewelry Week

Demitra Thomloudis

طرق لربح المال مجانا على الإنترنت

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Cement, resin, brass, steel, pigment, graphite pencil

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Inspired by the view across the US/Mexico Border into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico I am captivated by the impoverished neighbourhood of Anapra. The homes in this distressed neighbourhood are squat, raw, and dilapidated; built and maintained in a constant state of flux, which embodies pure improvisation in their construction and materials.

The unobstructed view across the border terminates in a landscape ornamented with these dwellings, decorating the dry desert mountainside like gems.

This work embodies the visual and material experience I have had with these homes. As jewelry, these intimate objects co-exist with the body as a means to connect with the landscape from afar. Each work becomes a mobile vestige rooted in place, personal narrative, and identity.