Dimitar Stankov





Copper, silver, patina, electroforming, soldered



I’ve always been fascinated to work with wire. Wire can symbolise many things at the same time. It can be agile and gentle as a hair or give a sense of freedom and fragility, independence and infinity, but at the same time it can be thick and heavy and create chains to make you feel obedient and constrained. There are live chains of protesters, prison chains, and fine jewelry chains. In my work I use memories; particularly the ones that have left deep traces in my mind. These are visual and musical images of diversity and contrast. They create in me a sense of lightness and beauty combined with brutality and intimidation. All of this ambiguity is locked in my mind in the form of sounds and images, music and traditions. I’m dividing, assembling and rebuilding all these elements, experimenting with classic and innovative technologies in search for my own identity.