Efharis Alepedis




Pyramid of Gold Granulation

Electroformed fine silver, powder coat, 14 K gold tie tac posts



This series was created for an exhibition entitled “Journey Through Time” that took place at Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The exhibition coincided with the Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference entitled «Impact: Looking Back, Forging Forward» in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 2015. The theme was to explore jewelry through the ages. I, of course, seized this opportunity to explore the work of my ancestors, the ancient Greeks and their incredible gold work. I appropriated their designs into this work with a modern twist, playing most prominently with proportions, techniques and materials. The pieces are exaggerated and quite large, whereas the granulation and filigree of the ancient jewelry is almost microscopic. I also used modern day techniques like electroforming and powder coating to create these brooches.