Eleni Marneri


Eleni Marneri Galerie, being a pioneer in the Greek contemporary jewelry scene for two decades, invites artists to be a part of ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK 2016 by participating to the exhibition with the title ANTILOGOS that we organize due to this event.

“Through the title ”ANTILOGOS“(=Contradiction in English), artists are invited to express their own CONTRADICTION, to speak out about everything that occurs and affects them directly, everything that is around them and within them, to stand up against their own work, free even and willing to deconstruct. To counter-propose their own thinking, their own Truth, their personal vision for a better world.”

The purpose of this exhibition is to show a collection of limited edition pieces

Artists:  Mixed in Key 7 download Sofia Zarari, Zeta Tsermou, Rallou Katsari, Aliki Stroumpouli, Jasmin Rapti, Youla Hatjigeorgiou, Jeremy May, Heng Lee, Vassilis Vassiliou, Flora Vagi, Anthony Roussel

Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Premium 2014 OEM 310L


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THE FAIRY-LAND OF SCIENCE. Serial number # 310

Created from the childrens’ book “The Fairy-Land of Science”. Paper. 150 Layers.


Antilogos II sofia zarari









Sofia Zarari


Silver, plastic, textile, quartz, agate, calcite, aegirine, jasper.


vassilis vassiliou blue lava





Vassilis Vassiliou





El. Marneri Gallery is located at the southern foot of the Athens Acropolis, in a space erected upon the exposed remains of a Late Antiquity villa urbana. The gallery has been active for over two decades. It was in fact the first space of its kind in Greece, that is, the first gallery to be entirely concerned with showcasing and promoting contemporary and art jewelry. Its role in both shaping and providing support for what is currently the Greek contemporary jewelry scene, a vibrant space that seems to be gaining momentum increasingly, has been crucial.

The gallery’s enduring vision, the force behind its long record of active, hands-on engagement with developments in the worlds of contemporary jewelry and design, centers on the idea of a creative nucleus of artists, curators, art historians, and critics, whose intimate creative exchanges would help establish an open dialogubetween different art forms, perhaps even collapse the distance between art and life.