Elisavet Messi









Statement necklace.
Recycled silver (925), fabric. Entaglement. Compression.



By exploring the process of ‘Slow Design’ I am creating jewelry and objects based on experimental knowledge. With a minimalistic approach and by believing in the purification of craft through good design, I base my work on efficient essentialism, while embracing the inherent characteristics of the materials used. My current collection, inspired by the concept of the unfamiliar/familiar, is titled “The Uncanny” and was resolved practically by the use of innovative techniques on gold and silver wire. The particular method chosen, allows the pieces to have a sculptural quality of an organic, yet industrial aesthetic, that successfully balances between modern and traditional. The visual inspiration for this collection lies in abandoned houses that have been claimed back from nature; structures that kept their geometry yet developed an organic surrounding.

All pieces were made by applying pressure to one long, single, tangled string of precious metal, that is usually made from recycled silver.