Elli Xippa





Pantyhose, glue, bronze, steel




They are creatures of my imagination, crawling in the deep, protected by their black-and-white shell. Fighting in the sea, twiddling; some of them crushing on the rocks and breaking, while others are being swept ashore by the waves! After I started working with my material – pantyhose – I gave it shape, I hardened it, I pulled it, I twisted it and finally, I transformed it into a shell! Do I want to hide something inside of it, maybe? I created a lot of them, I saw them coming alive, moving; they’re my thoughts, wandering in my head. I express some of them, others I struggle to keep well hidden and there are others I erase. Ι love this! Every time I change shapes and combine colours I have fun! And thus, my hands are led to create without knowing how I started and where I will end up.