Ioanna Natsikou

ACDSee Canvas 11 with GIS Module Through her work, Ioanna seeks to explore the relationship between jewelry/object and the human body through a socio- anthropological perspective.

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Synthetic hair, stainless steel, paper.


It is the face that reveals feelings, thoughts and character; decadence, arrogance, magnanimity, humility, audacity, megalomania, sense and measure, pain or joy. There is an immediate, innate, non-verbal communication that fascinates me. An enigmatic language proceeding words and rational responses, as a “pure” form of bodily

Overlapping layers of hair and paper inextricably intertwined are shaping gradually these characters , fusing the real and the mythic. Seeing them brought three main point of reflections in my mind: Do they exist or not, where are they positioned in space and time? In the past present or future? What projections do people do with different cultural and personal background today?

With this “portraiture” I seek to explore the vulnerable side of human nature and how can the medium of jewelry function from a micro-sociological perspective? If everyday human interactions are social performances in small scale aren’t we constantly performing roles for an audience trying to maintain our status and the desired Impression of the self to the others? The way we talk, move, how we look and what we wear convey symbolic information about ourselves. Thus can jewelry affect face to face. Interactions and become a vehicle to deepen the understanding of our culture and ourselves through the exploration on notions of embodiment and performing in everyday life? How does my (or your) body feel as I (or you) experience wearing a face that reveals so clearly its character?


Ioanna Natsikou was born in Athens, Greece in 1974. She studied Interior Design (Italy, 1993-1995), History of Art (Athens, 1995-1997), and received her BFA (specialization in fine jewelry) from Alchimia Contemporary Jewelry School in Florence in 2013. At the same time, in 2010 she started her contemporary jewelry studies in Mokume school , Athens. She has attended workshops with Charon Kransen, Ruudt Peters and Jorge Manilla.

Since 2013, she has participated in group exhibitions in Athens and abroad. She has also shown her work in The Netherlands (Gallery Marzee, Sierrad) and Barcelona (Joya). In 2016, she had her first solo exhibition during Schmuck in Munich.

Ioanna also holds workshops on contemporary jewelry in Athens, Greece.  “Before my very eyes”BenakiShopLogo
Benaki Museum, 138 Pireos str, 11854, Athens

Opening: Saturday 02/7 @ 19.00