J.A.W. jewellery art workers

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Maria Apostolopoulou (pict 1+8),
Nikos Karakostas (pict 2+5),
Vally Kontidis (pict 3+9),
Maria Psarianou (pict 4+10),
Artemis Zafrana (pict 6),
Stella Deligianni (pict 7+11)


Will we see dreams? Will there be water? Will wounds heal? What will joy be like? Will days succeed nights? Will there still be questions?

“Everything flows”, the renowned philosophical saying by Heraclitus, is also converted into a question, in order to articulate contemporary anxieties, fears and concerns.

Will jewelry, as the protector of the soul, manage to reassure us?

Thirteen jewelry designers from the J.A.W. jewelry art workers group and a video artist pose questions using the discourse of creative jewellery and the image, update what has so far gone unchallenged, challenging the era of neo-absurdism.

Will there be answers?

Participants include the Jewellery Art Workers: Maria Apostolopoulou, Achilleas Georgiadis, Stella Deligianni, Artemis Zafrana, Iosif Iosifidis, Nikos Karakostas,, Apostolos Klitsiotis, Vally Kontidis, Mary Margoni, Sarina Beza, Sofia Papalexiou, Maria Psarianou, – D’Olium (Sofia Bahlava-Vassilis Stamoulis)  and the video artist Theofanis Konstantinou


J.A.W. (jewelry art workers) was created in 2005 by a group of Greek jewelry designers who were brought together by their aspiration to inform and familiarise people with the art and “codes” of contemporary jewely design.

The group is comprised of 17 jewelry designers who live and work in different parts of Greece. Born between 1958 and 1975, they have all left their mark in the way jewelry design has evolved in Greece during 1999-2010, following contemporary movements and trends.

J.A.W. organises exhibitions and lectures, collaborates with visual artists, other jewelry designers, art experts and curators, as well as other groups and foundations that support and promote Arts and Culture. J.A.W.’s choice of events and course of action is constantly redefined and shaped by the continual interaction and exchange of ideas between its members and fellow jewelry designers.

What remains unchanged, is the way the members of J.A.W. perceive jewelry: as an art form where traditional techniques of metal working are used in innovative ways that advance, in form and content, the essence of jewelry, while precious materials shed their “classic guise” and become the vehicle of new symbols and messages for the contemporary man and his age.

Members: Achilleas Georgiadis, Afroditi Goula, Stella Deligianni,Artemis Zafrana, Thomas Thomidis, Iosif Iosifidis, Vally Kontidis, Apostolos Klitsiotis, Katerina Malami, Mary Margoni-Giannis Mandilakis, Sarina Beza, Fotini Nikolaidou, Nikos Papadopoulos, Sofia Papalexiou, Maria Psarianou, COSMOCHAOS Maria Apostolopoulou-Nikos Karakostas, D’OLIUM SofiaBahlava-Vassilis Stamoulis