Juan José Ibáñez Piqueras (XAN), EASD Valencia









Gold plated brass, iron, stainless steel, barbie doll hand





Xan’s pieces are the fruit of the almost childlike experience of in situ discovery. He experiments with his materials as if they were a puzzle, finding in the perfect fit for each of the elements, a starting point for unfolding, in an almost intuitive way.

The use of recycled objects as implicit doctrine in his creations is palpable, always reinventing the stereotyped forms of the every-day and even contributing in a dialogue with the viewer, generated from dynamic and sonorous surprises.

In this way, reuse, reconstruction and tireless play become determining features to define the work of the artist. It could be said that his work is almost a resurrection maneuver for the obsolete objects, in order to give them a new life. A life like jewels.