Kätrin Beljaev











Silver, bone, glass, scrimshaw drawing




Mimicry is a shape and color related to protective adaptation of all animals, expressed as a similarity of characteristics of an animal or a plant to the characteristics of another species or environmental elements. In everyday language, mimicry means imitation, copying, falsification or duplicating. Such similarities are created in nature, primarily for self-defense or seduction.

Kätrin Beljaev’s work plays with the idea where jewelry and electronics are part of humans, carrying an important part in the role-play of their prestige.

“Science fiction world has suddenly become our everyday life. Electronics, without which we can’t imagine our lives any more, think and decide for us, while machines are pretending to be human more and more. Mechanically organized order and structures have been charming for people over the times, but today we can see machines also observing and imitating people.”