Kostas Pittas

|\\\|||\\\ Meτά; | moPphosIΣ |||\||||\| – Α dream trip through jewelry

Video projection based on the jewels presented in AJW – central exhibition


My photos, these ‘’little illustrations of the moment’’ as I prefer to call them, are never a faithful representation of reality, but my own unique way of searching for the truth concealed in reality [itself].

I’ve been taking and editing photos for several years – almost exclusively – using my mobile phone. And all this time, I’ve been listening to the words of the only photographer Julius Shulman.

’’The camera is the least important element in the photography ‘’

So I’m constantly searching for “images”, always keeping in mind that the coincidences occurring in our lives, which do not find us by chance, but are being sought after by us, they open our horizons and provide us with great strength and hope against the difficult times.


Ι was born in Nemea, May of 1966.

I studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

From 1994 until today i work as an Architect, having as main object the architectural design and supervision of construction and reconstruction of residential work, stores, offices buildings, showrooms.

Alongside my main activity as an architect, systematically deal with photography, photographing – almost exclusively – by using my mobile phone. I have taken part in group photography exhibitions and from June 2015 until this Summer, i presented my first solo photography exhibition at the New Seaside of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Kostas Pittas, an architect who likes to make images