Liana Pattihis





OFFERINGS -Τάματα  #2  from 18

Vintage ring, beeswax church candle, acrylic paint


Looking into the ritual of ‘offered’ jewellery by the faithful in the Greek Orthodox Church, I was instantly drawn to the various rings hanging on chains in front of the icons. These rings Surrendering all materialistic value and function become an equal and unequivocal pledge of faith, devotion and love.

Using the humble church candle as the main material, this body of work identifies and presently overcomes the ephemeral quality of wax.

Vintage rings are covered in a layer of beeswax church candle. The wax encases the rings protectively, granting the wearer only glimpses, though overall obscuring ‘the treasure beneath’, where their true identity lies. The rings acquire an almost uni-formal appearance with the addition of a sealant which adds wearability, albeit ephemeral. The wearer is able to witness the changes in colour, shape and pattern that progresses slowly, evolving the rings into their new identity as the wax progressively wears away.