Lily Kanellopoulou















Resin, rosewood, pigments, silver, stainless steel




ALIVE OR DEAD? Life is everywhere. Sometimes it is found at the most unexpected places. A plant that grows in a crack of a wall or footprints done by accident on the concrete of the street, create unbelievable patterns. In this project I focused on the idea of how a lifeless, considered to be dead material, could give birth to something new. How, from within destruction, life is born. Inspired by nature, I started to transform the lifeless materials I had chosen and through experiments I created new forms. The choice of resin and wood was a symbolic act, as resin is a synthetic, chemical material, while wood is alive. Giving curvature to the forms and using the lines and fragments of the original material in the synthesis, I aimed to give harmony and balance to the pieces, to make them beautiful and alive.