Malene Kastalje





Silicone, pigments, neodymium magnets




I am attracted to the things I don’ t understand, the ones that make me feel uncomfortable, as well as the ones that trigger a sense of preciousness. I sculpt the pieces in silicone, building them up slowly, and I use various self-invented techniques. I control some of them, while others lead to more spontaneous results. A feeling of abandonment and disintegration is part of my work, as well as the awareness that new possibilities can occur after a total collapse. This indicates a coexistence of the repulsive with the attractive. My approach is personal but also universal. I want to highlight that we all have things we struggle with and sometimes like to hide, but we also have the courage to persevere despite the struggles. I wish to emphasise on the parts of ourselves that we keep guarded in an attempt to seem perfect.