Maria Ignacia Walker Guzman





Fishing line, resin, gold 9k




Flor de Piel is a body of work born during an intensive investigation and an obsession about the improvised and silent daily loss of our skin cells. The work aims to recreate thousands of cells, magnified by the practice of the artist, that represent those tiny particles of our body, which are stripped imperceptibly to our eyes. One by one, every cell is created meticulously, intertwined then with the other cells, composing an artificial body tissue that evokes the membrane and surface of our figure. These cellular tissues possess different shades of colours and textures, representing the epidermis in its greater expressiveness. This process along with the repetitive use of the crochet technique, pays an homage to the process of “Regeneration, Destruction and Reconstruction” of our Skin, emphasising on the life cycle of the human body.