Maria Koutmani






White cement, pigment, decorative wax


For the Transmuted collection I used cement, a basic construction material and a symbol of modern civilisation, as a parallel between concrete structures and the skeleton of animals. Animal bones are stripped of their traditional identity of morbid memento-mori and are converted into a kind of fetish. They are transformed into occult, dreamy landscapes resembling sculptures. They become the inhabitation of supernatural entities, objects with magical potency, which bring to mind rituals and invocations. Wearing these pieces, one is transmuted into a magician able to travel through other dimensions, away from dull and often painful reality. The bearer gains knowledge and wisdom by taking on qualities of the animal spirits the bones belong to, thus claiming the right to magic, which according to H. Hesse ‘’is one of the ancient and lawful instruments for the operation of miraculous deeds.’’