Melis Agabigum / Rachel Andrea Davis

What Lies Beneath




Melis Agabigum


Copper, Silver, Steel, Enamel, Cotton








Rachel Andrea Davis


Copper, Silver, Steel, Horse Hair




What Lies Beneath is a collaborative show between Rachel Andrea Davis and Melis Agabigum. This show explores themes of mourning, processing grief, emotional baggage, loss, and the forward pro- gression found through making. Through their material choices and investment, the works act as an attempt at overcoming hardships of the past. They showcase the vulnerability of sharing and attempts at finding the strength of emotional honesty. Reflecting on the ephemerality of life, Davis’ rich eggshell textures and use of hair comment on the process of mourning a lost love. With pieces such as brooches and lockets, her work shares her loss with the viewer while attempting to keep private moments safe from exposure. These vessels that contain, become a complementary contrast to Agabigum’s work, which explores the opposite facet of lost love – processing the baggage left behind from ended relationships. Her use of non-traditional materials of blender sponges, waxed cotton, and textile techniques in metal also take on forms of vessel-like skeletons and shadows we struggle to overcome. As a mediation between these two artists’ voices, some of the works in this show are collaborative to further discuss forward progression through support, comradery, and making.