MOKUME school, participates in ATHENS JEWELLERY WEEK 2016, with a series of installations taking place inside its workshops. The purpose of the intallations is to shed light to the story behind each piece/adornment presented: the concept that gave birth to it and the process of its production.

The vital lab space, where the jewelry designer/maker captures the initial idea and proceeds to its implementation, becomes the backdrop of the exhibition. Photographs, video art, and work by selected school graduates frame the event  and broaden our perception of what is jewelry.



“MOKUME STUDIO” was founded in Thessaloniki in: 1987 – 88 with one goal: The Vocational Training of the students in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design.

In 1992 – 93, MOKUME opens a new branch in Athens, after an innovative and successful course. The same year Mokume becomes a member of F.E.D.E., (Federation Europeene Des Ecoles), the European branch of Education of U.N.E.S.C.O. In 1994, the shareholders and the management of Mokume schools, submit an application, for the recognition of the programme of studies in the Greek Ministry of Education, which was approved. Since then, both schools are the unique “Private Vocational Training Institudes” in Silversmithing ( in the sectors of: Handmade Jewellery, Casting Jewellery and Jewellery Design ) recognised by the Ministry of Education.

Nowadays, Mokume school’s goal is to encourage their students to approach an artistic view in jewellery, apart from the manufacturing one.