Nicole Polentas

For Catalogue2 -NicolePolentas_TheOrientation_Neckpiece - 300 dpi






Sterling silver, copper, resin, glass powder, coral, pearls, paint, alabaster, poly-putty, epoxy, acrylic, image printed on aluminium. Fusion, fabrication, casting.



Nicole’s research is about the ways in which jewelry objects can initiate an engagement with, and understanding of, cultural place and identity. The multiplicity of identity is examined, reconfigured and reimagined on a visceral level. Jewelry becomes the space in which new associations emerge as the impetus for complex reconstruction. The body of work investigates how culture, gender and ethnicity are experienced through composite narratives of time and place. A narrative approach is applied analytically to the construction of artefact, in order to reflect, interpret and reinvent experience. The lived experience is thus ‘filled with narrative fragments, enacted in storied moments of time and space, and reflected upon and understood in terms of narrative unities and discontinuities’ (Clandini; Connelly:2000). By activating narratives in present time, the jewelry brings forth the embodied nature of spatial and cultural experience, reframing cultural dialogue as the locus for discovery.