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Outis. Nobody, no man. What kind of name is that for a line of brooches?
Is this modesty to the point of self-denial?
Or is it an answer?

It was certainly the perfect rejoinder in the Iliad, when the monstrous Polyphemos, one-eyed and clueless, asked who goes there in his cave. “Outis,” said Odysseus, cunningly punning on his name, which happened to sound so much like the ancient Greek word for nobody. Or does it mean the brooch makes its wearer a nobody? Or somebody unlike anybody else? An utterly unique individual?
When Polyphemos devoured Odysseus’ comrades, Odysseus put out the giant’s eye. “Nobody, my friends, is trying to kill me,” cried the terrible mouth that had eaten the men. Odysseus had just shown him what a nobody could do.

My parents had a shop. Customers and strangers usually entered it with a greeting. To distinguish family members and employees, they were required to call out “it’s nobody” loud and clear when setting foot into the door. Somebody is behind every Outis. All the more so, when that somebody pins on Outis.


Peter Bauhuis‘ work consists of jewellery and objects. But a lot of his oeuvre is not limited to these genres. He conceives exhibitions challenging the beholder as both exhibit and exhibition concept are autonomous art work. Also his numerous books must be seen as independent art productions and are part of a network of making and its perception.
Peter is born in Germany and lives and works in Munich. Being trained as a jeweller, Peter studied at the Munich Academy for Fine Arts and finished with the prestigious title „Meisterschüler“. Since 1999 Bauhuis showed his work in exhibitions worldwide and won numerous awards and prizes, ultimately in 2013 the highly esteemed prize of International Silver Triennial in Hanau, Germany. His work can been seen in public collections in Europe, the USA and Australia. For 10 years Peter taught at Alchimia, Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. He is a much sought-after guest professor and lecturer in universities and institutions around the world.