Popeye Loves Olive Art Space

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“The after Joya Effect” is an Exhibition that took place for the first time at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space, in 2014, in the historical centre of Athens that aimed to the interaction and the transformation of individuality to collaboration, diversity to unification and exchange to sharing. This year, is the third edition. 34 selected artists from 16 different countries are called to participate in the project with the work shown in Joya Barcelona, Jewelry Art Fair, the previous year. During the event, the public will vote for their favorite artist, who will be invited for a Solo exhibition at Popeye loves Olive – Art Space.

Participating Artists:
Esmeralda Online Slot Machine Review Crystal Queen - The New Quickspin Slot Slotmachines - Spellen Gokken Rodrigo Acosta – Argentina, Jordi Aparicio – Spain, Mihai Bashou – Romania,  Isabelle Busnel – France, Alina Carp  – Romania, Sébastien Carré  – France, Jamie Chung – South Korea, Florence Croisier – France, Marie-Eve Castonguay – Canada, Aggelika Diplari – Greece, Gili Doliner – Israel, Katerina Glyka – Greece, Steffi Goetze – Germany, Akis Goumas – Greece, Dora Haralambaki – Greece, Amira Jalet – Costa Rica, Christine Jalio -Finland, Erato Kouloubi – Greece, Michelle Kraemer – Luxenbourg, Mia Kwon – South Korea, Boky Lee – South Korea, Nina Lima – Brasil, Gigi Mariani – Italy, Jose Marin – Spain, Viktoria Münzker – Austria, Yannick Mur – France,  Irene Palomar – Argentina, Liana Pattihis – U.K, Inbar Shahak – Israel, Niki Stylianou – Greece, Katja Toporski – Germany, ZetaTsermou – Greece, Artemis Valsamaki – Greece, Yiota Vogli – Greece.

artemis valsamaki






Artemis Valsamaki


Copper, silver, acrylics.



Mihai Basoiu


Mihai Bashou


Copper, gold, wood.


Sebastien Carre - Conscience Front



Sébastien Carré

CONSIENCE – From the Darkness Comes the Light

Ring (2 or 3 fingers)
Nylon, rubber, silk & cotton thread, agate, tiger eyes, red tiger eyes, coral beads, bohemian glass beads, beads.



Popeye Loves Olive is an Art- Space sited next to the most vivid square, in the heart of the historical center of Athens, dedicated to Contemporary Jewelry and the Art of Tattooing.

During the four years of its presence, the space had been well known for its provocative and underground events, parties, performances and the promotion of the most innovative jewelry artists from around the globe.

It has been a meeting place for the art world of Athens and its unique combination of tattoos and jewelry is attracting, not only the Greek scene, but also the international crowd that makes Popeye loves Olive, one of a kind and a must – visit space in Greece.