Raphael Kasteroudis






Hand piece
Aluminium, imitation gold leaf, beads, plastic



A few words for a jewel-cloth (armor) designed by a 10 year old child onto an old garment design of his mother.

We are in his universe… In a world being constantly threatened and therefore in constant defense. The Strategy of Defense has been determined and the heroine is ready to take her place. The absolute position of a “potential” attack. The physical form must be shielded to be protected. But it has to maintain its primal beauty. The Transformation of the design begins … The woman turns into a “Garment” which has a dual role as a Cloth-Jewel. The implementation phase on the 3 dimensions reveals the energy that a child’s plan bear. Metal threads, metal sheets, embroidery, stones, iridescent flakes compose a Cloth-Jewel-Armor that protects the warrior-heroine and transforms her into a historic figure.