Revekka Moustaki Zei

RMZ high







Copper, carbon fibre. Electroformed.


My work is about attachment and connections. Starting with the idea of the thread, the line, the indication of a path, I explore relations and transformations.

I explore my subject using fibres and hair or materials that echo them and through experimenting with electroforming. This is a process of building metal, layer by layer, on a surface, used for strengthening materials. I use it as a process of transformation.

I am particularly interested in hair, as a raw material for my work. Its connotations and associations intrigue me. I question what is behind our reaction towards it. Why, when on the head, does hair define ideas about attraction and beauty, but, when no longer part of the body, we discard it as unwanted? Could this idea be transposed into understanding the self in human relationships? Is there a ‘right’ place for being?