Sara Shahak







Iron, stainless steel, brass, silver, enamel paints




The Sharp Nature collection emerged from my experiments while exploring different possibilities of transforming materials and shapes into something new and powerful. Metals and traditional silversmith processes have always inspired my work and influenced my creations. The current series has evolved through the investigation of historical ironwork, historical jewelry, and the visual vocabulary of nature. In this collection, I investigate the ready-made industrial iron bells. Their hollow, round, closed, “fruity”, “cocoon” shape fascinates me. “The cocoon is a convergence that allows a work space”*. I open, cut, bend, crimp, fold, and solder, even burn – these hard shapes into flocks of butterflies, garlands of tulips and thistles. I colour them with torch oxidation, glass paints, enamel and lacquers. Sometimes I refine them with natural white wool. This transformation makes rough, yet poetic structures.