Sofia Björkman / Agnieszka Knap

Until Now Unknown Mind







Sofia Björkman


PLA, silver, paint





So a Björkman is a jewelry artist from Stockholm in Sweden. After graduation from Konstfack she started PLATINA, a gallery and studio for contemporary national and international jewelry art. Since then she has been working with jewelry art, as an artist, as a gallery owner and as a curator combined with all kinds of activities within the jewellery eld. In the profession she meets a lot of people that comment and give critique to what they see. This influences her and sometimes she even let comments be a part in her artistic practice. This is a way for her to understand works and to express the experience of being an artist and a curator at the same time. She says that wearable jewellery can easily be moved from one context to another and can therefore cause other reactions when exhibited in art environments. Mobility and flexibility broaden a piece’s potential of having impact and eliciting various reactions.





Agnieszka Knap


Copper, enamel, silver




Agnieszka Knap is a jewelry artist, curator and co-organiser of crafts-related events. She works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
Knap is interested in the idea that art can be used as a tool to understand another human being and believes that a piece of jewellery can serve this purpose. Her latest work has its origin in the Rorschach personality test. The famous Swiss psychiatrist tried to map the human experience using. drawings to trigger subconscious emotional responses. In a performance, she dressed as “Dr Knap, Qualified jewelry Artist” and asked the audience what they saw in her objects. The collect- ed associations then served as ground for a new body of work, a three-dimensional interpretation of the audiences’ comments. During Athens Jewelry Week, “Dr Knap, Qualified Jewelry Artist” will visit the exhibition Until Now Unknown Mind and have a pop-up office.