Sofia Karyofilis






Bring #4

Hammered copper foil, ammonia paint, copper



The backpack is a carrying instrument with strong cultural anchorage in the Norwegian way to trans- port. It is practical and robust when the conditions are demanding. The first backpacks for commercial production were made in the early 1900s in the form of the “meis” construction; their design focused on weight balance and fit for the body, consisting of a skeletal structure of light metal pipes that were sown in as an integral part of the bag. The structure was tight enough to stabilise and loose enough to adapt to the shape of the body and also the contents of the bag. The “meis” construction was the leading backpack for the Norwegians all the way into in the 1980s, to the extent that it had become a common cultural reference and a public domain. Seen as a way of thinking, the “meis” construction is my inspiration for this series of brooches called Bring.