Tanel Veenre









Balsa wood, oak, artificial resin, silver, cosmic dust





“The poet enjoys the incomparable privilege of being able to be himself and others, as he wishes”.
Charles Baudelaire

I believe in the power of imagination.
I believe in dreams, magic and archetypes. I like the idea of an artist as a storyteller.

So I am telling the fairytales where archaic becomes contemporary, existential turns aesthetic, subtle seems intense, earth meets heaven. Spirituality as well is an important part in the dream net, weaving its cloth out of the strands of faith.

The most interesting part of art is always full of interpretations and hidden meanings, of faith and love. I never construct my jewelry as equations, they just reveal themselves to me – intuitively, subtly, mysteriously.

And I believe that art is much cleverer than I ever can be.


TV lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. TV has educated as jewelry artist (MA) in Estonian Academy of Arts (1995-2005) and Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (1997-98). He has shown his work since 1996, which includes jewelry, photography and fashion. Since 2012 works as a professor of Design Faculty in Estonian Academy of Arts. TV has exhibited his works in more than 200 solo and group exhibitions around the world. TV has been giving lectures/workshops in Estonia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, Scotland, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Israel, Sweden, Chile, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico and Germany. TV is represented by galleries in Sweden, USA, New Zealand, Holland, Turkey, Latvia and Brazil. Since 2013 running a jewelry brand TVJ sold in several design stores.

TV is a happy man.