Vivi Touloumidi – Athens Jewelry Week

Vivi Touloumidi 01_Vivi_Touloumidi_KOSMOS_72dpi





Pumice, stainless steel.



This piece is based on the multiple meanings of the word “cosmos” in Greek (cosmos = universe = jewel) and “Poetics” by Aristotle which refers to the dimension of catharsis related to art, as well as to the influence of the latter one on the redevelopment of an individual’s character and identity.

After being granted special permission, the artist visited the quarry of the small island Yali (next to Nisyros), where white pumice stone is being collected. Using this material, the artist created an installation made of approximately100 pins.

This work is a study on the limits of the communication dynamics of contemporary jewelry as wearable artistic means, while taking into consideration today’s social challenges.