19.00-23.00 and Friday 19/5 – Sunday 21/5, 11.00-16.00 : workshop : “Give a voice to what you cannot name”
Benaki Museum (Pireos Annexe) / 138, Pireos Street

Art direction: Niki Stylianou

Eligible to participate: Adults, youngsters over 14 years










The creative group Anticlastics, in the framework of ATHENS JEWELRY WEEK and its central exhibition, presents an interactive workshop devoted to the International Museum Day. The theme chosen for this years celebrations is: “Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums”.

Visitors will be invited to watch a video projection that attempts to illustrate and comment on controversial issues, often considered as taboos or “forbidden” subjects for one to discuss them directly. They will, then, be asked to “react” to this sensory experience and take position, through a creative process. They will choose materials that express them, compose images and feelings, and create an artistic object-statement. Finally, they will be given the opportunity to comment on the whole experience, leaving their trace on the walls of the museum.

Part of the central exhibition.
No need for reservations.
Participation is free-of-charge.



FRIDAY, 19/5

11.00-15.00 : workshop : “5 Senses”
Benaki Museum (Pireos Annexe) / 138, Pireos Street

Organisation: Anamma Studio
Instructor: Anastasia Kandaraki











Within the framework of Athens Jewelry Week 2017, the students of Anamma Studio invite you to attend an interactive jewelry seminar full of flavours, smells, sounds, textures and images. Join an artistic experience guided by dialogue and expression through the 5 senses, all resembling a game.

For registration and more information, you can call at 6972848300.

 Participation is free-of-charge.