Yichen Dong – Athens Jewelry Week

Yichen Dong

http://threequartersthere.com/2016/02/motivational-monday-wo-feb-22nd-margaritas/ CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS, London





Unsalted leather, brass





Studying jewelry design I want to explore the role and meaning of jewelry and I want to find out what jewelry could be. I think jewelry is not only a decoration, but it is also an art object expressing the human identity, social attitudes and sentiments and it is shaping the memory perceptually. More importantly, jewelry is a medium for the designer, which allows him to communicate through the wearers of his pieces. I work individually and collectively through the process of exploring, researching, develop- ing and making creative and imaginative jewelry objects, inspired by daily life and social phenomena. I am interested in developing and embodying the concepts and values of jewelry through creating and choosing my materials. Interpreting ideas and responding to the role and potential of jewelry through a narrative and unexpected outcomes with hidden meanings, is what I intend to achieve.