Yiota Vogli

Vogli Yiota, Islands, 2015 (1)





Paper, oxidised silver, bronze, alpaca, glue, varnishes.


As a visual artist, I transfer onto my work pictures, stimuli and sentiments, through numerous sketches, colors and forms. This material comprises the basis of “Layers of Memory”, my latest jewelry series, which is stemming from my personal memories and deals with the density of substance.

Paper stripes, in dense or attenuated layers, create forms of multiple colours. Then, bonded and attached onto silver become symbols. Symbols of past imprints and memories that have lost their actuality, since time and personal renderings – feelings, subjective readings, even mind distortions – transform them into something open to interpretation.

Using a personal language of inner thoughts and selected memories, my work tends to arise hidden or forgotten images, thoughts and memories to the viewers.