Elli Xippa



Bronze, pantyhose, glue, sand, cord, steel

And I continue to work, my hands are creating, my imagination is giving birth to more creatures, again, they are white this time, of a different color! But now, unfortunately, they cannot protect themselves, others are messed in shipwrecks, others are drowned by stronger living beings, others are tangled with garbage. They are all trapped, deep down there, I want to take them out, to clean them, to make them beautiful, I want them to twist, to roll to the bottom of the sea, but in vain, I cannot do it! They are like my thoughts, that once again seem trapped in anxiety, fear, pressure, sadness! But I will keep on fighting, I will continue to create, I will clarify my thoughts, I will recreate these creatures, I can do it!!! I will give them joy, love, freedom and hope! I will never stop, no, never!