Angelos Konstantakatos

Maneuvering mind


Fruit - carpus, resin, color, oxidized silver

Three collections, three research paths:

“Inspirations…” with Posidonia oceanica as its main material, “Invisible perspectives…”, based on the manipulation and transformation of the plane tree fruits and “Transformations…”, based on the manipulation of mushrooms.

Common connecting link for all three collections is the choice of the raw material – an organic material that is not usually found on a jeweler’s bench. The concept of transformation, change of use – function or even identity – plays an important role in my thinking and my creative process. Contemporary jewelry for me is the end product of a practice that ignores rules, images, types, materials, and traditions. It comes as a result of inspiration and the mixing of unconventional and traditional techniques, while merging not only with the artist’s thoughts and experiences, but also fitting the spirit, the emotion and the body of the wearer…