Lily Kanellopoulou

Green Rocks


resin, silver, pigments, stainless steel

7,5 X 3,5 X 2 cm

The series “Goodbye Unhappiness” develops last year’s collection “Alive or Dead”. The theme, although it evolves based on a different idea this time, it remains the same. It focuses on the concept of how a destroyed, lifeless material could give birth to something new; how, within destruction, new life blossoms. Using pieces of charcoal as a starting/inspiration point, I embark on a journey of metamorphosis, by creating my own rocks and stones. The choice of my materials – resin and metal – is symbolic. Fragments of the original pieces, along with their ridges and marks, are enriched with color and are used to give movement and different energy to the newly created objects; to give them life. Not a life as it is in reality, but as it was meant to be.